Pt. Era Mitra Perdana

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The most important characteristics

  • fully-automated operation
    • laboratory rotary tube furnace
    • 3 heated zones
    • 600 mm heated length
    • 150 mm tube diameter
    • 17 kW max. heating power
    • Gastight design
    • adjustable furnace inclination 0 – 10 ° and speed up to 20 min-1
    • easy to handle
    • resistance heated with FeCrAl-heating elements
    • Max. operating temperature up to 1200 °C
    • Tube breakage monitoring
    • Metallic insert tube (Inconel 601)
    • Insulation of high-quality ceramic fiber
    • High energy efficiency
    • 6 trailing thermocouples for temperature measuring in the tube
    • Screw conveyor
    • Gas feeding device for 5 gases (Ar, N2, H2O(D), CO2, Butan)
    • Inspection glass for visual process control or additional pyrometer measuring
    • Gas feeding device for safe operation when using flammable and explosive gases
    • Burning-off device with flame supervision for safe operation when using flammable and explosive gases
    • Safety package for safe operation
    • Gas warning system for safe operation when using flammable and explosive gases
    • 2 condensate traps (1 x water cooled +20 °C, 1 x coolant-cooled up to -20 °C)
    • Process guiding software for full control and documentation via PC
    • Candle filter up to 7 µm, 500 °C in the exhaust pipe
    • Storage tank and collecting vessel
    • Cooling water-re-cooling unit


Product Line: special product
Operation Mode: Batch and Continuous
Construction Types: Furnace
Designs: Laboratory furnace, Rotary tube furnace
Temperature Max (°C): 1200
Heatings: electrical
Heatingmethods: resistance
Atmospheres: Controlled gas atmosphere


thermal recycling


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