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Product Description 

* The LiFlus SP(30L~70L)is the pilot-scale fermentation system and which can be used for microbial, insect and mamma-lian cell culture procedures. The stainless steel(SUS 316L) vessel and the whole attachments can be sterilized automatically or manually in this pilot scale fermentation system and the whole fermentation process can be also performed automatically. LiFlus SP(30L~70L)is able to install head lifting system. The head plate is lifted by air cylinder and guided by the two sets of linear motion guide. The integrated control board measures the whole sensor values and control the fermentor system based on the measured values. The whole procedures and monitored data are graphically displayed in the 8.5" color LCD screen and all the controll parameters can be modified in the graphic mode. This system can be disigned for the individual process requirements to apply the system from lab scale for the basic research, up to pilot scale for test production in the massproduction com-pany.

 Head - lifting system 

 Fed-batch culture support-pH Stat, DO Stat 

 Color LCD control system 

 Validation support documentation available(IQ,OQ) 

 Data Saving

 LiFlus SP fermentor system represents the ideal intermediate step for scaling up. 

 Automatic control of DO, pH, temperature, agitation, and nutrient feed for fermentation process. 

 All processing parameter are controlled by integrated microprocessor controller. 

 Automate or Manual sterilization in place by external steam supply or optional steam generator. 

 The modular design consists of the supply unit the culture vessel and the control cabinet. 

 The open frame design of the supply unit provides ready acces and ease of maintenance and operation. 

 Accessories for cell culture applications are available upon request. 

 The stainless steel control cabinet of the LiFlus SP fermentor system includes all electrical components, pilot valves and the powerful digital measurement and control system.

Control System 

 The integrated controller board is adopted to measure, control and display the fermentation system. 

 The color LCD displays the whole status of the system in graphic mode. 

 The digital PID control algorithm makes fast approach to the target temperature and maintains the vessel temperature ver stably. 

 The measured data and control parameters can be not only saved and transmitted to the computer in Excel format but also printed out by thermal printer in real time state. 

 The Li-ion battery is used to backup the dta in the memory. 

 It is very easy to connect with the various systems such as memory stick, printer, computer, BioG - and etc. with the RS-232C communication protocol.


 The stainless steel(SUS 316L) is used to prevent contamination and rust. 

 The water jacket system is adopted for precise temperature control. 

 The 6~8 toggle bolts make it easy to assemble and dissemble the head plate.  The sight glass makes to monitor the status of the media. 

 The redundant port are installed on the head plate that the auxiliary sensor can be installed. 

 The sensor ports are installed in the circumferential direction on the lower side of the vessel.

Product Feature 

In situ sterilizable pilot scale fermentor; for bio reaction or bio response such as microbial fermentation, Conversion and enzyme bioconversion. Applicable to the Special culturing processes such as tissueculture, animal cell culture and insect cell culture with the attachmemnt of additiional devices.

- 2~6 Vessel Type. 

-Top drive motor. 

-pH, DO, Temp, Feed Control. 

-User Feeding, Fed-Batch

Product Specification / Models 

Multi Fermentor – LiFlus GM


Micro-organism, Plant cell, Animal cell Culture

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