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3 Tesla, Cryogen-free Physical Property Measurement System

Quantum Design introduces its first portable, cryogen-free cryocooler-based material characterization platform – VersaLab. With a temperature range of 50 – 400K, this 3 tesla platform is perfect for accomplishing many types of materials characterization in a limited space.

As with all Quantum Design instruments, VersaLab is a fully automated turnkey system with a user-friendly interface, and utilizes technology developed for Quantum Design’s popular Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS®). VersaLab is specifically designed for material characterization up to 3 tesla and over a wide temperature range without the need of liquid cryogens. Utilizing a new approach to cryocooler equipment design, VersaLab employs a new 4He-based temperature control system and gas flow technology that eliminates the need for liquid cryogens.

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VersaLab gives the user:

  • Free space in the lab because of its compact size and portability
  • Free time while the automated instrument performs measurements
  • Freedom from liquid cryogens
  • Freedom from cooling water and high power requirements
  • A single hardware configuration for all temperatures, fields, and magnetic moments

PPMS VersaLab and Education

Quantum Design Education is a website dedicated to the use of the PPMS VersaLab for education and research. This site offers free experimental modules highlighting the measurement options available on this platform.

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