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L78 Quenching / Deformation Dilatometer (DIL Dilatometer)


The Quenching/Deformation Dilatometer L78 RITA is especially suitable for the determination of TTT, CHT and CCT diagrams. The special induction furnace enables heating and cooling speeds in excess of2500°C/s. The system complies with ASTM A1033.

General Information:

This practice is based upon the principle that, during heating and cooling of steels, dimensional changes occur as a result of both thermal expansions associated with temperature change and phase transformation. In this practice, sensitive high-speed quenching dilatometer equipment is used to detect and measure the changes in dimension that occur as functions of both time and temperature during defined thermal cycles. The resulting data are converted to discrete values of strain for specific values of time and temperature during the thermal cycle. Strain as a function of time or temperature, or both, can then be used to determine the beginning and completion of one or more phase transformations.


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Main advantaged of the L78 RITA Quenching Dilatometer system:

  • The instrument can perform measurements under vacuum, inert, oxidized, reduced atmospheres from 150 (low temperature option) up to 1000°C and room temperature up to 1600°C in one run.
  • The unique heating and cooling arrangement enable very fast controlled heat up and cool down speeds of up to 2500°C/s.
  • With the optional susceptor non metallic samples can me analyzed.
  • This special Quenching dilatometer is especially esigned for the determination of continuous cooling / heat up CHT, CCT and isotherm TTT- diagrams. 

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