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DTA PT1600 - Differential Thermal Analyzer


The Differential Thermal Analysis is the most common thermal analysis method due to its wide range of information provided. The Linseis high temperature DTA PT 1600 is designed to deliver highest calorimetric sensitivity, short time constants and a condensation free sample chamber. These features guarantee superior resolution and baseline stability over the entire instrument lifetime. Thus providing a indispensable tool for material development, R&D and quality control

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Temperature range: -150°C up to 500/700/1000°C
  RT - 1400/1500/1600/1650/1750/2000/2400°C
Sensors: E/K/S/B/W
Sensor Types: DTA
Heating rates: 0.001 K/min ... 50 K/min
Cooling rates*: 0.001 K/min ... 50 K/min
Sensor: heat flux
Temperature modulation:   Yes
Atmospheres: reducing, oxid., inert (static, dynamic)
Vacuum: 10E-5mbar
PC Interface: USB

*temperature dependent

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