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L76 Platinum Series Dilatometer


The main application field for the LINSEIS L76 Dilatometer series is the CTE measurement of ceramics, brick, tile, porcelain and building materials. Furthermore it is widely used for quality control purposes in ceramics and in metal industries. 

Thanks to the fact we started to develop and build Dilatometers in the year 1955, this instrument is very reliable and covers a wide temperature range from RT up to 1000°C, 1400°C and 1600°C with user exchangeable furnaces. It consists of measurement systems made out of quartz glass (up to 1100°C) and Al2O3 (up to 1600°C). The sensor is a highest precision LVDT (linear variable differential transformer), which has an indefinite resolution. Together with the 32 Bit software package LINSEIS WIN-TA / WIN-DIL, the Dilatometer provides an excellent solution for standard quality control type CTE measurements.

The following physical properties can be measured:

CTE, Linear Thermal Expansion, Alpha Physical, Sintering Temperature, Phase Transformations, Softening Points, Decomposition Temperatures, Glass Transition Temperatures.

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Temperature range*: RT ... 1000/1400/1600°C
Heating/cooling rates**: 0.01 K/min ... 50 K/min
Sample holders: fused silica < 1100°C;  Al2O3 < 1600°C
Sample length: max. 50 mm
Sample diameter: 7/12/20 mm
Measuring range: 500/5000 µm
Resolution: 1.25 nm
Atmospheres: inert, oxidizing, static/dynamic
Calculated DTA: optional software package
Electronics: Integrated
Inteface: USB

* 3 furnace types 

** dependent on furnace

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