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Autosorb®6 iSA™


The new Autosorb® 6iSA™ provides six ports for independent analysis of 1 to 6 samples. Dedicated pressure transducers, Dewar flasks, coolant level sensors, and Po cells allow independent and simultaneous operation of each station. Its Windows®-based software, available as a CFR-21 Part 11 version, provides the ability to perform a multitude of data analysis methods including single and multi-point BET, Langmuir surface area, mesopore volume and size distribution, micropore area, total pore volume and much more. Modern data communication provides ease of data input and export


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Designed for high throughput surface characterization

  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant software (optional).
  • Six independent analysis stations.
  • Each analysis station served by a dedicated Po station, which increases the accuracy of pore size results.
  • Bench Top or Cart Mounted Capability: Flexibility in space.
  • Improved communications & data capabilities.
  • 64 Bit software compatibility - Fully
    Compatible with Windows® 7+ and Vista.
  • Windows software with superior data reduction capabilities.
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