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When bench space is at a premium and maximum capability is essential. The only combined chemisorption-physisorption manometric analyzer that features built-in degassing stations and optional second and third physisorption ports. Built-in flow options put this model even further ahead of the field.


This analyzer is unrivalled in catalyst characterization capability: one moment it’s a rapid surface area and pore size analyzer, the next it is measuring active metal area and dispersion, and even temperature programmed analyses. The mass spectrometer option is truly unique and remarkably cost-effective, being close-coupled via a built-in vacuum chamber and a gas sampling system.


Note that the C (chemisorption) model retains all of the features of the MP (micropore) model - physisorption capability is never compromised because you need chemisorption data too.

Now available with optional 0.1 torr transducer for ultra-low pressure physisorption
measurements: XR models

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