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Particle Size and Shape Analyzer


Solutions for wide range of industries

  • Cement and Building Materials
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Chemical & Petrochemical



CILAS particle size analyzers are fully ISO 13320 compliant to match customers’ demand for traceable, accurate and repeatable results. Whether running samples in dry or liquid dispersion modes, the complete analyzer is qualified using Certified Reference Materials. Due to CILAS’ unique laser only design, our analyzers set the market standard with measurement reproducibility of better than 1%. Accuracy and reproducibility are guaranteed for the life of the particle size analyzer

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Short and stable optical bench

CILAS’ patented optical bench design has all optical components permanently mounted on a cast iron base plate. This provides for alignment free operation even in the harshest environments. This rugged design means the system remains in alignment throughout the life of the instrument, guaranteeing the highest level of accuracy and repeatability.

Dry Jet Dispersion technology

Dry Jet Dispersion (DJD) Technology is CILAS’ patented new technique for efficiently dispersing and analyzing even the most difficult powders. This innovative design makes it easier for the operator to analyze dry samples. It features a mass flow regulator, which efficiently disperses dry samples regardless of the sample volume.

Multiple laser technology

The CILAS 1090 and 1190 particle size analyzers incorporate a patented optical design for diffraction analysis which includes multiple lasers. The CILAS 1090 has been designed with two lasers while the CILAS 1190 includes three lasers to cover the full measurement range. This unique design offers our customers an exceptionally high level of accuracy and reproducibility.


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