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Product Description 

* LiFlus GM is a Multi-fermentor suitable for the best culture condition. Possible to analyze the experiment data according to parameter by giving another different parameters under the same condition and save much time to make various experiments at the same time. With its exchangeable stirrer and other operating system, its performance is similar to that of a small laboratory fermentor. Can get the data by applying the same time parameter to starting and finishing experiments by 6 units of fermentor at the same time. Can install 6 units of fermentor in a small laboratory. Very economic by applying small vessels with small volume of medium for various experiments. Two-four peristaltic pumps automatically control the addition of corrective reagents. Temperature control is accomplished via heating system and cold finger which can freeze. LiFlus GM has individual specialty such as microbe and animal fermentation, chemical engineering designed only for user exclusive use.

- Autoclavable Fermentor(Bioreactor) 

-Multi-Fermentor with 6 Vessel. 

-Compact system. 

-Convenient, reliable controller system.

-User Feeding, Fed- Batch

Product Feature 

-2~6 Vessel Type. 

-Top drive motor. 

-pH, DO, Temp, Feed Control. 

-User Feeding, Fed-Batch

Product Specification / Models 

Multi Fermentor – LiFlus GM 


Micro-organism, Plant cell, Animal cell Culture


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