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Daihan Labtech. Co. Ltd

Provide Total Solusion for Laboratory and Scientific Equiments, Bio Medical Equipments, Enviromental Growth Chamber, Vaccum and Industrial Drying Oven, Industrial Test Chambers and Lab Metal Furnitures

Bath & Circulator Oven Laminar Flow - Fume Hood
Water Bath Universal Drying Oven Laminar Flow Clean Bench
Oil Bath Natural Convection Oven Bio Safety Cabinet Class II-A2
Viscosight Bath Force Convection Oven Bio Safety Cabinet Class II-B2
Extraxtion Water Bath Hi-Temp. Oven Air Sterilizer Purifier
Shaking Water Bath Vaccum Drying Oven Fume Hood
Bath Circulator Jumbo Vaccum Drying Oven Growth Chamber
Immersion Bath Circulator Clean Air Oven CO2 Plant Growth Chamber
Cold Trap Industrial Drying Oven Culture Chamber
Ultrasonic Cleaner Industrial Chart Oven Universal Growth Chamebr
Chiller Cure and Inert Oven Giant Enviromental Chamber
Water Purification System Explosion Proof Oven Enviromental Growth Room
Ultrapure Water Purification Aging Test Oven Refrigerator - Freezer
Glass Water Still Incubator - Shaker Blood Bank Refrigerator
Basic Water Still General Incubator Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
Automatic Water Still Low Temp BOD Incubator Laboratory Refrigerator
Furnace Multi Room Incubator Laboratory Freezer
Mufle Furnace Peltier Cooled Incubator Blood Plasma Freezer
Tube Furnace Air Jacket CO2 Incubator Bio Medical Freezer (Upright)
Elevator Furnace Shaking Incubator Bio Medical Freezer (Chest)
High Temperature Furnace Shaker Deep Freezer (Upright)
Hotplate & Stirrer Steam Sterilizer - Autoclave Deep Freezer (Chest)
Jumbo Hotplate Bech Top Steam Sterilizer Cold Storage Chamber
Dry Block Heater Vertical Steam Sterilizer Lab Frame - Rubber Products
Mechanical Stirrer Large Steam Sterilizer Lab Frame
Vaccum Pump Pass Through Steam Sterilizer Silicone Tubing
Roller Mixer   Safety Pipet Filler

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